CORONAVIRUS UPDATE   –  31.03.2020

Dear Relatives

On behalf of Adept’s directors, I would like to say how much we appreciate your understanding of our tough but necessary recent decisions. My father lives at Moat House, so my family shares your heartache! Our whole amazing team will work hard to ensure that we continue to provide the best care that we can to your loved ones during this time of crisis. This pandemic has affected all of our daily lives but our residents, and yours, more than most. We value your support, and I would like to personally thank any of you who volunteer to help towards making sure that our resident’s lives are as normal as possible.

Our Q&As below provide information about our recent policy decisions and answer some common questions. If you would like more information please email your query to me at and I will answer direct, or with an update on this page.

Thank you for your patience and together we will get through this!

Yours sincerely,

Dave Lock

Managing Director


Q: Why are relatives and team not being tested

A: We have no choice but to wait for government testing. We cannot buy tests that are on the open market because they are not government approved and the Chief Medical Officer has said “the one thing worse than no test is a bad test”

Q: Are you taking new admissions?

A: Yes, the government has asked care homes to continue to take admissions to help the NHS hospitals save beds for the critically ill. All new admissions will receive precautionary isolation care for 7 days and we will not admit anyone with coronavirus symptoms.

Q: What if a resident has coronavirus symptoms?

A: If a resident develops a new continuous dry cough or temperature, we will immediately start precautionary isolation care for 7 days and contact NHS 111.

Q What if a resident is diagnosed with coronavirus
A: We will start isolation care with personal protection equipment PPE for a further 7 days after diagnosis. If symptoms persist after that period, we will take medical advice and if the residents’ health deteriorates at any time then admittance to a hospital may become necessary.

Q: Can I visit?

A: No, we are sorry but we must strictly follow Government guidelines to protect our residents and team.

Q: How can I communicate with a loved one?

A: Please contact your loved ones regularly to avoid feelings of isolation and potential mental health issues. However, our homes have a limited number of phone lines so please supply a communication device to your loved one so you can contact then direct where possible. Mobile phones are good but Face to face Skype calls are more sociable via a mobile or tablet with Skype. Drop equipment into the reception, fully set up ready to operate please.

Q: I am finding it difficult calling to get an update on my loved one
A: You will appreciate that our homes are extremely busy now and because no visitors are allowed, we have many times more calls than usual. To help please nominate one lead family member to call the home for an update and share the information with your other family members.

Q: Will residents still be going on trips?

A: Not until further notice.

Q: Can I take my loved one outside of the home?

A: No, we are sorry but this is against government guidelines.

Q: Will external service contractors still visit?

A: Not hairstylists as they are not essential visitors. Chiropodists are essential so they will still visit residents in their bedrooms with strict hygiene measures in place.

Q: What if there is high team sickness and self-isolation?
A: We are managing to maintain full rota hours by asking our fantastic team to work extra shifts, using agency and recruiting temporary team members. Management, activities, and other non-care staff may be seconded to help provide care. We are also seeking community volunteers to help provide general support for our care team. If staffing levels do fall short of our full rota hours our service will have to reduce care to a more basic level prioritising care over activities, etc.

Q: Who can volunteer to help?
A: We would be pleased to hear from any person between 18 and 59 years of age with no significant health issues who would like to help. Contact your nearest home manager now who will take your details.

Q: Will the catering service be maintained?
A: Yes, our food suppliers have assured us of supply and we have contingency plans around our catering teams.

Q: Will maintenance contractors still visit the homes?

A: Yes, but only for essential work with strict hygiene measures in place. Our own maintenance team will continue routine maintenance and safety checks.

Q: Has Adept got the financial resources to cope?

A: Yes, we have excellent resources and our bank has offered their full support so we can assure you that all residents and jobs are secure. However, we do expect a huge financial impact on the business with lower occupancy and a massive level of statutory sick pay SSP with large amounts of the team are off sick or self-isolating. We have no access to the government SSP refund scheme because we have over 250 employees.