Dear Team

On behalf of Adept’s directors, I would like to say how much we appreciate your hard work to ensure that we continue to provide the best care to our residents during this time. I would like to personally thank you for your tireless efforts towards making sure that our resident’s lives are as normal as possible. We value your support, loyalty and team spirit that makes our homes superb places to live or work.

Our Q&As below provide information about our recent policy decisions and answer some common questions. If you would like more information please email your query to our HR Manager at who will answer directly, or with an update on this page.

Thank you for giving us your very best and together we will get through this!

Yours sincerely,

Dave Lock

Managing Director


Q:  Will I get paid if I’m off work self-isolating?

A: Yes. If you are hourly paid and absent due to self-isolation, we will pay you Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) of up to £18.85 per day/£94.25 per week subject to you providing an isolation note for the relevant 7 or 14 day period. However, if your earnings average under £118 per week or have been in the team for less than 8 weeks you are not entitled to SSP and must claim Universal Credit instead. If you are off work sick for other reasons our usual SSP eligibility applies in line with our Absence Policy that can be found on our website Document Library. However, if you are part-time and usually earn under £118 per week or have worked for us for less than 8 weeks you are not entitled to SSP and must claim Universal Credit instead.

Q:  Why are relatives and teams not being tested?

A: We have no choice but to wait for government testing. We cannot buy tests that are on the open market because they are not government approved and the Chief Medical Officer has said “the one thing worse than no test is a bad test”

Q: I’m struggling to get shopping essentials, can you help?

A:  Yes, our wholesale supplier has agreed to supply our team members, ask for details in the office. Asda allows care workers in with NHS staff on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 08.00 to 09.00 in their larger stores – you need a letter from your home’s office

Q: Will I get 80% of my wages paid by the Government if I am off work due to coronavirus?

A:  Yes, but only if you receive a letter from the NHS asking you to shield for 12 weeks. If you have received the NHS letter, we will write to you directly.

Q:  I have an underlying health condition, should I be off work for 12 weeks?

A:  Yes, but only if it is serious enough that you have received a letter from the NHS asking you to shield for 12 weeks. If you receive this letter call Hannah Croucher HR Manager who will explain what to do next on 01455 274273 ext. 111.  If you have less serious health issues and choose not to attend work, no pay is available to you

Q: I don’t feel well should I self-isolate?

A:  Yes, you must first assess your symptoms and self-isolate for 7 days if you have a new, continuous dry cough or a high temperature. If you do not have these symptoms you may be able to carry on work but if you are concerned, please seek advice from NHS 111 online at

Q:  Someone I live with is self-isolating so should I self-isolate too?

A:  Yes, you should self-isolate for 14 days if anyone in your household is self-isolating with a new continuous dry cough or high temperature and been. Please seek advice from NHS 111 online at

Q:  When do I need to provide an ‘isolation note’?

A:  If you are self-isolating for either the 7- or 14-day period you are required to provide us an ‘isolation note’. You can obtain an isolation note from

Q:  What if I am off work sick for another reason?

A:  If you are absent due to sickness that is not coronavirus, you will need to provide a doctor’s fit note after 7 days’ absence. This is in line with our usual Absence Policy that can be found in our website Document Library.

Q: Do I get paid if I have to have time off work because of childcare?

A:  You are classed as an essential worker your child’s school place should remain available. Therefore, time off due to childcare issues remains unpaid dependence leave. Further information can be found in our Absence Policy that can be found on our website Document Library.

Q:  Do I need to be using additional PPE?

A:  Yes, but only when working with residents that are isolated due to a new continuous dry cough AND a temperature. But not when working with residents isolated as a precaution due to: other symptoms, hospital discharge or because they are a new admission.

Q:  When should we be supporting residents to wash their hands?

A:  You should encourage residents to wash their hands before as well as after using the toilet, meals, and activities and before bed.

Q: How can we greet residents and fellow team members?

A:  You should maintain social distancing with all people, have no contact with teammates and no contact with residents unless it’s essential

Q: What is the new guidance around entering and leaving the Home for my shift?

A:  You must not wear your uniform traveling to or from work and do not bring large bags with you. Change into your uniform when you arrive, wash your hands and face and remove all jewellery. Change out of your uniform and wash your hands and face before you leave.

Q: I have a family or friend that has been laid off, can they volunteer to help us?

A:  We are not only recruiting permanent team members, but also temporary staff on zero-hour contracts, and also unpaid volunteers to generally help out. If you know someone who would be interested, please ask them to contact Luke Arnold, our Employment Coordinator on 01455 274273 or

Q: Is my job safe?

A:  Yes, although coronavirus will affect our business in many ways, adept has strong resources and the full support of our bank so we can assure you that jobs are secure.

Q: How long will this last?

A:  Nobody knows, but we are doing all that we can to minimise disruption, and our residents and team safety is our priority.