Excellence Award for Team Commitment & Dementia Care

Kiwi House has scooped two awards for Dementia Care and for the team’s Commitment to residents at the annual Adept Excellence Awards.

“It is nice to be recognised as having good team commitment, as this is what I believe is beneficial to our residents. I am also proud that we have achieved the dementia care award as this shows our team that they do offer good quality care to residents that live with dementia in their time of need and that this has been recognised,” Shani Laywood, care co-ordinator.

“I am very pleased that we got the team commitment award as we have work very well as a team, it is all about team work and pulling together to give our residents 100% above care. I am also pleased that we received the dementia care award as also we have a passion about dementia care,” said Julie Earley, care assistant.

“The dementia award means to me that the staff are doing their work very well in caring for us. The team commitment award means that they are working well as a team to look after us all.” Win Tebbey, Kiwi House resident.

“Awards are great way to recognise and showcase the fantastic work and the dedication to residents that goes on daily in our homes. This year we approached our Excellence awards differently by asking for residents, their relatives and our own team to tell us which award Kiwi House should win. We were overwhelmed by the response which makes these all the more special. Everyone should be extremely proud with this awards success, ” explained Dave Lock, Managing Director at Adept Care Homes.