Film fanatics love flicks at the Moat House

Hot on the heels of the BAFTAs, film fanatic residents at Burbage-based, Moat House care home have today celebrated their newly re-opened ‘Flicks’ cinema.

Adept Care Homes, owners of Moat House, has revamped the cinema which now boasts 6 plush and comfy armchairs and its very own popcorn machine.

Joyce Gardener, a Moat House resident said: “It is lovely to come to the cinema, the films are right up our street.  My favourite is The King and I. It is just like being at the cinema – we have popcorn, choc-ices or tea and biscuits if we want them. It is very popular, we could watch a film every afternoon if we want“

Nicky French, Moat House Home Manager, added: “The cinema has always been a popular facility with residents but our newly reopened “Flicks,’ is more than just a room with a TV. It’s been designed to make the viewing experience as realistic as possible to help transport residents back to a time when they visited the cinema on their own.

“We have some avid film lovers at Moat House and I can’t wait to be able to show them some of last night’s BAFTA winning films – though I’m not sure even 50s inspired ‘La La Land’ will compete with some of the greats we show here.”

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