It’s a Family Affair at Moat House Care Home

Sisters at Moat House Care Home
Sisters are residing together at Moat House Care Home.

There’s not a hint of sibling rivalry when you meet Leicestershire-born sisters, Marylin (85) and Lily (89). In fact, you’d say the exact opposite of the pair who are so close, they’ve chosen to live together at Moat House Care Home in Burbage, Leicestershire.

“I love my sister more than anything, I originally moved to Moat House because I didn’t want to be alone and the home has such a community feel and I used to visit our older sister who was a resident here and the home and team have been incredible and now Lily has joined me it really does feel like home,” said Marylin

Lily added: “We’ve had the odd squabble in our time, but mostly, we just get on like friends more than sisters. It’s great living together, we have a lot to talk about and both enjoy the resident clubs and activities here. It’s like we’ve never been apart!”

“We think it’s wonderful that Marylin and Lily have chosen to live together here at Moat House. They tell us they used to get up to mischief and listening to them reminisce with tales of their childhood, it’s clear they have experienced so much of their lives together. Their bond is remarkable and it’s truly heart-warming that they are able and choose to be together now,” said Hayley Langley, Moat House Home Manager.