Kiwi House Resident Author Launches Book Club

Mavis Games, 80, a former author, has launched a Book Club at Kiwi House Care Home where she lives.

“It was such a great feeling to have my book published. I was and still am very proud that it was accepted. I’m absolutely thrilled to launch the Kiwi House Resident Book Club with my book. I think there’s so much in there that people can relate to and I’m sure we’ll end up talking and sharing memories and stories. I’ve always had a great love of writing and reading and it’s wonderful to still be able to this with my friends here,” explained Mavis.

Stockbrook-born, Mavis worked as a secretary but always had a passion for writing, first penning her novel in her spare time at age 30! Sally’s Secret Diary is all about Mavis’s life growing up after the war as well as her life experiences including becoming a parent and balancing life as a working mum.

“We’re so pleased Mavis is launching our resident book club with Sally’s Secret Diary. It’s our aim to ensure our residents continue to do the things they’ve always done and this is a fine example of this in action. In addition to her book, Mavis also had many of her short stories published in the Telegraph, on Derby Radio and even Radio 4, so we’re trying to find copies of these too as a thank you to her,” added Anne-Marie Robinson, Kiwi House Manager.