TV Doctor Creates Time Capsule with Residents at Kiwi House Care Home

2nd June 2018: Residents at Kiwi House Care Home have welcomed TV’s Dr Hilary Jones today as he helped celebrate the home’s 1st year anniversary.

The good doctor gave the family-run care home a ‘clean bill of health’ as he met members of the care team, residents and their families in a special ceremony which included the creation of a time capsule full of items chosen by residents at the Derby home.

“I have visited many care homes and have to say that I am very impressed with Kiwi House,” he remarked.

“The dedication from the care team coupled with such luxury surroundings and vast range of facilities makes it a truly inspirational care home. It’s an honour to help residents and the team here at Kiwi House celebrate their 1st year anniversary.”

Dr Hilary was joined by the new local Mayor as hundreds turned out to celebrate. Kiwi House resident and former nurse, Joyce Douglas said: “Today has been wonderful. Dr Hilary is a very kind man, it was so nice to meet someone from the telly. I love the time capsule, I do wonder what the people who eventually dig it up. I put my stethoscope in from my time as a nurse and also for Dr Hilary!”

Dave Godrich, Kiwi House Manager, added: “We wanted to make our first year milestone with a special occasion for our residents and their families. It was wonderful to see so many people support us, I’ve worked in many care homes but this one is simply the best. From the beautiful facilities to the passion of the care team, Kiwi House is genuinely a superb place to live or work.”