Computers make school better not worse, say Adept residents

It’s ‘Back to School’ for children across the UK this week and residents at Adept say, thanks to technology, it’s better for them!

More often than not you hear people complaining of children having an overreliance on technology and computers, however 

Anna Grey aged 85 from The Knowles disagrees: “Children are very lucky these days. I think I should like to have got to use a computer when I was at school. Must make it much easier for everyone, the parents as well.”

“Of course there was no such thing as laptops and iPad when I was at school in 1927. We were thankful for the library and I used to love going but now they can find out absolutely anything now by tapping a few buttons. So it must be easier and quicker for them to learn,” added fellow Knowles resident, Reuben Dixon age 91.

“I believe technology is a positive step forward for children to use in school. They have to use them to gain employment and function in the world today!” added Marlene Hopkinson from The Old Vicarage.

“It’s very interesting to hear our resident’s views on how children use technology. We had some great sessions talking and remembering what it was like to go to school as some of our residents grandchildren were getting ready to go back to school and out of this came their strong, slightly surprising, views on technology in schools,” commented Dave Lock, Adept Care Homes Managing Director.