Moat House Care Homes’ Knit n Natter Club Weaves Magic into G Sellers’ Remembrance Window

Moat House Care Homes’ ‘Knit n Natter’ Club Collaborates with G Sellers to Craft a Stunning Remembrance Window Display

Moat House Care Homes is proud to announce its continuing collaboration with local business, G Sellers in Burbage to create a striking window display in honour of Remembrance Day. The Moat House Care Homes’ Knit n Natter Club, led by residents Arleen and Maureen, has been working diligently to knit a collection of beautiful poppies to contribute to this years heartfelt tribute.

Each year, the talented residents of Moat House dedicate their autumn months to create a stunning assortment of hand-knitted poppies. These poppies serve as a symbol of remembrance for those who have made sacrifices in service to their country. The dedication and skill displayed by the members of this club are truly remarkable, as they pour their hearts into these heartfelt creations.

G. Seller, a well-established local business in Burbage, has been a part of this collaboration, extending its support to honour Remembrance Day. Carly, a representative from G. Seller, recently visited the Moat House Care Homes and collected the handmade knitted poppies from the residents. These poppies will be a crucial element of G. Seller’s annual Remembrance window display, which is anticipated to be a breathtaking and touching tribute to the fallen heroes.

This collaboration not only demonstrates the artistic talents of the residents but also showcases the strong community spirit that exists in Burbage.

“Creating these handmade knitted poppies for G. Seller’s Remembrance window display has been a wonderful and heartwarming experience for our residents,” said Tracey Weston, Activity& Wellbeing Lead at Moat House Care Home. “We are thrilled to have played a part in this tribute, and we eagerly anticipate seeing the finished display in person.”

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