Chetwynd House Care Home’s Chef Advances to Finals in Creed Food Services ‘Care Chef of the Year’ Competition 2023

Chetwynd House Care Home in Chilwell, Nottingham is proud to announce that its very own Chef Manager, Jessica Miles, has successfully passed the first round of the Creed Food Services, Care Chef of the Year Competition 2023.

After an impressive performance, Jessica is now on her way to the finals, where she will face off in a competitive cook-off of level 4 meals designed for individuals with dysphagia. Her dedication, skill, and culinary expertise have earned her a well-deserved spot in this prestigious competition.

The Creed Food Services Care Chef of the Year Competition is an event that showcases the culinary talents of chefs who are dedicated to creating delectable and safe meals for individuals with dysphagia. Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder that often requires pureed or soft food, and Jess has taken it upon herself to perfect these special recipes.

In the first round of the competition, Jessica demonstrated her exceptional talent by preparing a pureed Christmas dinner, one meal she feels most of her residents look forward to the most. Her carefully crafted recipe ensures that those with dysphagia can enjoy the traditional flavours of Christmas in a safe and appetising way. Her innovative approach to pureed cuisine has set her apart from the competition.

The finals of the Creed Food Services Care Chef of the Year Competition will be a challenging test of Jessica’s culinary skills. She will be required to prepare and present her own original creations, each designed to meet the specific dietary needs of those with dysphagia. Her dedication to this field of culinary arts is nothing short of inspiring.

“Jessica’s achievement is a testament to her passion for creating delicious and safe meals for our residents here at Chetwynd House Care Home,” said Naomi Jones, Hospitality Manager for Adept Care Homes. “We are incredibly proud of her and fully support her as she advances to the finals of the competition. Jess’s commitment to excellence in her craft is truly commendable, and we have no doubt she will continue to impress the judges with her unique and innovative recipes.”

Chetwynd House Care Home is excited to follow Jessica’s journey as she competes in the finals of the Creed Food Services Care Chef of the Year Competition 2023. We extend our warmest wishes to Jess and commend her for her dedication to enhancing the dining experience for those with dysphagia.

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