Old Vicarage residents spread the word about infection control

“When you wash your hands, which should be frequently, you have to make sure you give them a really good scrub. A quick rinse under the tap isn’t enough, you have to get right into the gaps between your fingers and under your nails too,” said Stella Brailsford, aged 76.

With flu season fast approaching, residents at the Old Vicarage Care Home have been sharing their top tips to help keep everyone happy and healthy.

“You can’t ever be too clean,” added Derek Brooke aged 83. “It’s not just washing your hands though, I always carry a clean hanky to cough or sneeze into. A tissue will do, or even your sleeve but never your hands!” added Jean Jackson aged 82.

Marlene Hopkinson aged 85 also commented: “If you’re feeling unwell, you’ve got to say straight away. It’s no good trying to just soldier on, that’s when you could make other people ill too.”

Karen Betts, the Old Vicarage Manager, explained: “Obviously infection prevention is something we take seriously at all times but we decided to make it a real focus for residents and their guests during Infection Prevention Week which is also timed ahead of the flu season. The response from residents has been interesting with tips and many have been keen to get involved and help ‘spread’ the word with the creation of displays and by giving out some of our advice leaflets. It’s a serious subject but we’ve managed to make it fun and interactive with a quiz too. Infection control is always our focus here but involving residents seems like good practice too.”