Relatives rally outside Kiwi House on Mother’s Day

Family rally at Kiwi House Derby

Relatives gathered outside Kiwi House to surprise their mums on Mother’s Day.

Angela, the daughter of Kiwi House resident Marie Hopkins, along with many other residents’ families rallied outside the local care home to surprise their mum’s on Mother’s Day.

Angela contacted Maria Hallam, the home manager saying “Thanks to everyone for all that they are doing to keep things going and keeping us in contact. We wanted to surprise mum, it’s her birthday as well as Mother’s Day. We couldn’t miss that!”

Maria Hallam said, “words can’t describe how proud I am of my team – this week alone has been tough not just for me but for the staff, residents and their families and to see each and every one of us pulling together to ensure our residents keep smiling, keep active and most of all ensuring they have that special contact with their families is truly breathtaking – We are ONE family.”

The care home decided to close its doors, like many others to non-essential visitors since the coronavirus outbreak in the UK but that won’t stop the relatives of the residents in this care home.

“It was so lovely to see my family on my birthday and on Mother’s Day, at this difficult time I didn’t think I would”, said Angela’s mother, Marie Hopkins (79)