A super celebration for super centenarian Hilda

15th March, 2018: Family-run Bowood Court & Mews Care Home, which provides affordable luxury, held a super birthday party for their resident Hilda Clulow, who today joined an elite group of super centenarians.

Selby Park born, Hilda is now believed to be the 7th oldest person in the UK. A former dressmaker, Hilda worked in a Balsall factory from the age of 16 until she retired at aged 60. She fondly remembers friends and neighbours bringing her material for her to make them dresses in her back room. She also loved to holiday in Blackpool and Cornwall and her room at Bowood Court & Mews is decorated with pieces of Cornish artwork.

Hilda is spending her super special day with loved ones at a tea party being held in her honour at Bowood Court & Mews Care Home, where she has lived for 3 years. “We are thrilled to help Hilda and her family celebrate this momentous milestone today. We are very honoured to have a supercentenarian amongst us, it really is quite an achievement. Hilda is a lovely lady, we are all so happy for her,” said Breda Goulding, Bowood Court & Mews Manager.

Hilda added: “I’m very happy to be 110 but when you get to my age, it’s just a number isn’t it? I’ve had a lovely day and seen lots of old photos, my memory isn’t quite what it was, but I don’t do too bad! I’m not one for fuss, but it is nice from time to time!”

1908 Facts

Not only was Hilda was born in 1908 but some other important and historical events took place that year:

  • The Boy Scout movement was founded
  • The first ever Children’s Encyclopaedia was published
  • London hosted both the summer and winter Olympic games
  • The ‘Hoover’ was invented
  • The ‘Penny Post’ was established between the UK & USA
  • Legendary actors, John Mills, Bette Davis and James Stewart were born