It’s a Family Affair at Chetwynd House Care Home

Sisters are residing together at Chetwynd House Care Home.

There’s not a hint of sibling rivalry when you meet Nottinghamshire-born sisters, Maureen (84) and Margaret (82). In fact, you’d say the exact opposite of the pair who are so close, and are living together at Chetwynd House Care Home in Chilwell, Nottinghamshire.

“I love my sister more than anything, I originally moved to Chetwynd House because I didn’t want to be alone and the home has such a community feel. It really does feel like home. I am so glad Maureen chose to join me here,” said Margaret.

Maureen added: “We’ve had the odd squabble in our time, but mostly, we just get on like friends more than sisters. It’s great living together, we have a lot to talk about and both enjoy the resident clubs and activities here. It’s like we’ve never been apart!”

“We think it’s wonderful that Margaret and Maureen have chosen to live together here at Chetwynd House. They tell us they used to get up to mischief and listening to them reminisce with tales of their childhood, it’s clear they have experienced so much of their lives together. Their bond is remarkable and it’s truly heart-warming that they are able and choose to be together now,” said Kate Gilvear, Home Manager.

Chetwynd House Boosts Residents Wellbeing with All New, ‘Singing and Dancing’ Partnership.

Chetwynd House Care Home is partnering with award-winning Oomph! Wellness to engage residents and team in a holistic world of enriched wellbeing.

Chetwynd House in Chilwell, Nottinghamshire provides high-quality, person-centred care, where each resident is treated with dignity and respect whilst offering a fun and engaging social program so that residents can continue to enjoy past interests and try new activities. Families and friends can join in with the daily activities offering reassurance that residents’ happiness and well-being is at the heart of everything they do.

Oomph! On Demand, which is Oomph!’s new digital platform, provides a multitude of ‘evergreen’ engaging exercise and activity content, 365 days a year. Providing a diverse range of topics, meeting a range of varied interests and abilities and allows the team to deliver safe, meaningful and most importantly, fun, wellbeing sessions that residents love.

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Leila Gets A Visit From A Fairy Godmother Thanks to Chetwynd House’s ‘Make A Wish’ Program

Leila Selvadurai (84) at Chetwynd House Care Home in Chilwell has had her dream come true as part of the Adept Care Homes, ‘Make A Wish program.

Over 500 residents are encouraged to make a wish, no matter how big or small, and put it in the home’s magic wishing well every month, one resident is picked to have their wish come true.

Leila’s wish was “Make Me Beautiful” so Chetwynd House’s fairy godmothers set to work and organised a day of luxurious pampering followed by a full make-over by local beauticians, Beauty by Nature and hair by LSC Hair (Nottingham).

“Wow, look at me, I am beautiful. Thank you so much” said Leila cheerfully.

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Residents Rejoice at Chetwynd as Religious Services Resume.

Monica Usher (84) and her fellow residents at Chetwynd House in Chilwell recently took part in their first face-to-face church service since the start of COVID-19 in March 2020.

Monica Usher, a long-term resident of Chetwynd House and devote Christian said “I have really struggled with the virtual church services during Covid but it was definitely better than nothing. I feel reborn and a renewed sense of belonging to my community, it’s always nice to see the Reverend in person.”

Singing hymns, praying and listening to readings from the Bible were just some of the activities that took place when the local community vicar, the Rev Johnathan Strickland, from St. Barnabas, from Inham Nook performed the ceremony.

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“You’re Hired” – care home residents now recruiting

Our residents have been participating in the interview process for recruiting new staff members, as part of their initiative to make more inclusive decisions.

As part of the new recruiting process, Head of the Residents Committee, John, was asked to be the resident’s representative for the interviews.

John is 88 years old and used his extensive life skills to support the appointment of new staff members.

John not only sat in on the interviews but was also given free rein to draft his own questions and ask them to the applicants, impressing everyone with his interview skills and professionalism. 

Following the interview, John gave his feedback to the team at Chetwynd House and using his invaluable input, they appointed the new staff members.

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Residents go vegan and discover there is far more to Veganuary than ‘meats’ the eye!

With veganism becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing lifestyle movements and with an estimated 7,000 vegetarians and vegans in residential and nursing care homes, Hospitality Manager, Rebecca Lambert at Chetwynd House decided to introduce residents to the plant-based diet by holding a vegan festival during the month of January, or better known as ‘Veganuary’.

“I am taking part in Veganuary this year and when the residents heard about it, they asked me: “What can you eat? Can you still eat chocolates and sweets? Don’t you miss meat?” I wanted to show them how diverse and interesting vegan food can be.”

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Kenny Nelson newly appointed Business Director at Adept Care Homes

Adept Care Homes continues to expand its team and is delighted to welcome Kenny Nelson as its newly appointed Business Director for its Midlands-based care homes.

Kenny brings with him a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge following 7 years working alongside Adept Care Homes as Relationship Director with RBS and later, as Senior Director, Health & Social Care with CYB (Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank).

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