Chetwynd House Care Home is Set to ‘Triumph’ in Granting One Residents’ Wish

Chetwynd House Care Home Grants Resident’s Heartfelt Wish to Get Back on the Bike.

Chetwynd House Care Home in Beeston proudly announces the realisation of a cherished dream for one of its residents, Roy. Residents are encouraged to write down their biggest wish for 2023 and place it in the home’s ‘wishing well’. Every month, one wish is randomly picked, and the dedicated activities and wellbeing team set to work making the big dream come true.

Having spent numerous years passionately immersed in the world of motorbikes, Roy’s wish is to relive the joy of riding which is set to be fulfilled by the dedicated Wellbeing team at Chetwynd House and the outpouring support of their local community.

Roy in the 1970’s aboard one of his much-loved bikes 

Roy Barton (79), an avid motorbike enthusiast who dedicated a significant portion of his life to working with and riding motorbikes, found his longing to feel the wind in his hair and the rumble of an engine beneath him rekindled during his stay at Chetwynd House Care Home. The team at Chetwynd House, known for their commitment to enhancing the lives of their residents through their ‘Make A Wish’ program, took it upon themselves to make Roy’s dream a reality.

In a heartwarming and spirited event, Chetwynd House Care Home has organised an extraordinary surprise for Roy. On Sunday (28/08), the care home will host a grand biker’s meet that will witness the convergence of motorcycle enthusiasts from all corners of the UK. These bikers, hailing from different backgrounds but sharing a common love for the open road, will gather at Chetwynd House to celebrate Roy’s lifelong passion.

The event will kick off with a sumptuous breakfast prepared by an award-winning hospitality team, promising a delightful culinary experience for all attendees. The atmosphere will be charged with camaraderie and excitement as fellow bikers share stories, exchange experiences, and celebrate the spirit of adventure that unites them.

The pinnacle of the event will be Roy’s triumphant return to the saddle. Escorted by the convoy of bikers, Roy will climb aboard a magnificent motor trike, generously provided for the occasion. The convoy will then embark on a scenic ride from Nottingham to Derby and back, a journey that mirrors the freedom and thrill that motorcycling has always represented for Roy.

Chetwynd House Care Home invites the press, community members, and all well-wishers to join in this heartening celebration of one man’s enduring passion. The event not only signifies the remarkable efforts of the care home to make dreams come true but also highlights the importance of fostering a vibrant and fulfilling later-life.

The management of Chetwynd House Care Home is thrilled to be a part of this milestone moment in Roy life and is humbled by the outpouring of support from the biking community across the nation. “Thank you for helping us make our home a superb place to live or work,” said Lee Langley, Home Manager.

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