Jill and Yvonne Recreate The ‘Good Old Times’ at Harrier House Care Home

Yvonne and Jill of Harrier House Care Home Relive Fond Experiences with John Lewis Partnership

Yvonne Dench (93) and Jill Evans (87), two residents of Harrier House Care Home in Hucknall, spent countless Friday mornings, individually visiting their local John Lewis Store and café before moving into the care home. These two extraordinary women have now found a way, with the help of the team to relive those cherished moments in the comfort of their home.

Yvonne and Jill were joined by their daughters as the Team from John Lewis surprised them with their special delivery to help re-create their much-loved John Lewis Coffee Mornings.

Yvonne and Jill, who have formed an unbreakable bond since meeting as fellow residents at Harrier House, discovered their shared passion for exploring their local John Lewis store and enjoying the cozy ambiance of the café and with the help of the dedicated Activities and Wellbeing team, they’ve managed to bring their much-loved tradition back to life within the care home.

In an inspiring show of community spirit and empathy, John Lewis Nottingham and Waitrose Trinity Square decided to play a part in rekindling Yvonne and Jill’s cherished memories. On a recent Friday morning, the two women were treated to a heartwarming surprise. John Lewis hampers filled to the brim with delightful goodies and cakes for all the residents, were hand-delivered to Harrier House Care Home, a gesture that left Yvonne and Jill utterly moved and touched.

The care home’s Piano Lounge Café has become a haven for Yvonne and Jill, where they recreate their cherished John Lewis experiences. Every Friday morning, they indulge in a pampering session at the in-house salon, enjoying a rejuvenating spruce with the resident stylist. Following this delightful ritual, they settle into the café, sipping on coffee and savouring delectable treats, just as they did at their favourite local spot.

“We’re always flattered when we hear that our shops have created such happy memories. We love the idea of Yvonne and Jill’s ‘John Lewis Coffee and Lunch Club’, born out of a shared love of a Friday cuppa. What a brilliant way to bring people together,”- said Annie MacDonald, John Lewis Nottingham Head of Branch.

“I can’t believe it, I am speechless. We are so lucky and what a wonderful surprise, thank you!” said Yvonne.

Yvonne and Jill’s heartening journey serves as a testament to the importance of preserving memories and fostering connections. Their story has touched the hearts of many, reaffirming the significance of community, care, and compassion now found at Harrier House Care Home in Hucknall.

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