Local Care Home is Crowned ‘Master Chefs’ in the Resident Cooking Competition!

Resident Chefs Put Culinary Skills to the Test in Cooking Competition

Residents from a local care homes Douglas Court in Derby have been crowned winner of a regional ‘Master Chef style’ cooking competition.

The competition formed part of an ongoing competition by Adept Care Homes, which started with residents growing their own ‘mystery seed’ as part of the gardening club launch in the Spring, this year. This final part of the healthy living and eating campaign tasked residents in the Midlands-based care homes to choose and cook a recipe incorporating their home-grown vegetable which turned out to be ‘the Artichoke’.

“It was so much fun deciding on what to make but we had help from Hazel, our cook. Pastry is such a difficult thing to get right but we made a really good go of it!” said resident Harriett, Douglas Court Resident.

Residents, supported by their kitchen team, presented their chosen dish to be tasted by judges, including the care homes group Communities Director, Joe Lock.

“Our cooking competition was the grand finale of our gardening clubs which have delighted our residents since April. This was a wonderful occasion! At Adept Care Homes we truly treat our residents with dignity and respect and providing such meaningful and fun activities such as these is just one example of this. I’m very proud of everyone who took part, and with everything from Jerusalem Artichoke Cake to Artichoke Pinwheels on the menu, I didn’t realise artichoke was such a versatile ingredient!’ concluded Joe Lock, Adept Care Homes Communities Director.

“I have never been a fan of artichoke, but I really enjoyed the competition as I love to cook and we are so happy to have won!” added Ann

Congratulations to the residents at Douglas Court Care Home on being crowned winner of the homes with 60 beds or less.