The Votes are in! Residents at Douglas Court Care Home Elect Tom as Resident Chairman.

Douglas Court Care Home Celebrates Resident Tom as Honorary Member of Activities and Wellbeing Team is elected Resident Chairman.

Tom, a resident at Douglas Court Care Home in Derby, has been recognised for his incredible contribution after integrating himself as an honorary member of the Activities and Wellbeing Team. Tom’s dedication to fostering camaraderie and joy among residents has created a vibrant social environment within the care home.

Tom was so enthused by the activities team and what they do that he just needed to get involved. So, he took it upon himself to organise additional activities, including weekly pub quizzes, domino and chess tournaments for his fellow residents. His initiative aims to bring everyone together for more moments of fun, laughter, and friendly competition, further enhancing the sense of community within Douglas Court Care Home.

“Tom’s passion for creating a lively and engaging atmosphere has had a profound impact on the well-being of our residents. His weekly events have become a highlight for many, further promoting social interaction and fostering a sense of unity,” said Peynton, Activities Lead at Douglas Court Care Home.

In recognition of his outstanding efforts, the residents elected Tom as the residents’ chairman, leading his peers through the monthly Residents and Relatives Meeting. As chairman, Tom plays a pivotal role in facilitating open communication, gathering feedback, and ensuring that residents’ voices are heard.

“Being elected as the residents’ chairman is a great honour, and I am committed to representing the interests of my fellow residents. It’s wonderful to see everyone come together, share ideas, and contribute to making Douglas Court Care Home a superb place to live,” expressed Tom.

The Activities and Wellbeing Team at Douglas Court Care Home applauds Tom’s creativity, leadership, and dedication in helping them tailor the activities to the individual residents. His involvement has not only created a more vibrant social scene but has also enriched the overall sense of community within the care home.

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