“You’re Hired” – care home residents now recruiting

Our residents have been participating in the interview process for recruiting new staff members, as part of their initiative to make more inclusive decisions.

As part of the new recruiting process, Head of the Residents Committee, John, was asked to be the resident’s representative for the interviews.

John is 88 years old and used his extensive life skills to support the appointment of new staff members.

John not only sat in on the interviews but was also given free rein to draft his own questions and ask them to the applicants, impressing everyone with his interview skills and professionalism. 

Following the interview, John gave his feedback to the team at Chetwynd House and using his invaluable input, they appointed the new staff members.

“I very much enjoy being involved in the interviews and asking my questions. I was able to give the applicant scenarios, like situations that concerned my wife when she had advanced dementia. It is good to see my feedback was listened to, the applicants were successful and will go on to succeed in a good caring job.”

Lifestyle and Dementia Manager at Chetwynd House, says “I firmly believe that by involving a resident in the interview process, we have an expert on our interviewer panel, someone who knows first-hand how care should be delivered, how you should treat, respect and value residents.”

This is a stimulating activity that supports residents to have a sense of purpose. After positive feedback from the residents, applicants and staff, Adept Care Homes are looking to roll out this approach across their other homes.