Adept Care Homes Ignites New Role as Board Appoints New Group Chief Fire Warden!

Adept Care Homes, Appoints New Group’s Chief Fire Warden to tackle Fire Safety Across Care Homes.

Adept Care Homes is proud to announce the appointment of Jason Morris, as the new Group’s Chief Fire Warden, effective from October 1st, 2023. This significant appointment underscores the organisation’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest standards of fire safety across its care facilities.

Recognising the critical importance of fire safety within the healthcare sector, the Board of Adept Care Homes has made a strategic decision to appoint Jason as the Group’s Chief Fire Warden. This move has been met with resounding approval, including from Stuart Murphy, an external Fire Risk Assessor, who has lauded it as an extremely positive and appropriate step.

Fire safety has become a paramount concern, particularly given the heightened risk associated with the healthcare sector and the stringent requirements set forth by insurance companies. In this context, Jason’s appointment as Chief Fire Warden is seen as a proactive measure to address these challenges effectively.

In his new role, Jason will assume the responsibility of overseeing and enhancing fire safety measures across the entire Adept Care Homes Group. His extensive expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to safety will be instrumental in achieving the organisation’s fire safety goals.

This appointment aligns perfectly with the organization’s commitment to excellence and its ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of residents, staff, and properties. By appointing Jason as Chief Fire Warden, Adept Care Homes is taking proactive steps to meet statutory responsibilities and mitigate fire risks comprehensively throughout the group.

Jason’s new role is a testament to Adept Care Homes’ dedication to providing exceptional care and maintaining the highest standards of safety within its facilities. The organisation is confident that his leadership will further enhance the already robust fire safety protocols in place.

“Please join us in congratulating Jason on his new position as the Group’s Chief Fire Warden. We believe that, with his leadership, Adept Care Homes is poised to continue setting the benchmark for fire safety in the healthcare sector,” said Adept’s Managing Director, Kenny Nelson.

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